Wendling, Joseph Br. (1893-1961)

Prepared by: 
Regina Ganter
Birth / Death: 

born 24. 10. 1893, Zell

died 13. 2. 1961, Limburg, age 68

Br. Joseph spent only a year in the Australian mission 1929-1930.



Joseph Wendling was the son of a saw mill owner at Zell on the river Mosel, and after Volksschule he entered his father’s business. At age 19 he joined the Pallottine Society in Limburg and received his habit in September 1912. He made his first profession in September 1914 and was then called up for military service. He served throughout World War I and returned to Limburg to make his eternal profession in 1919. He spent most of his time in Limburg in the packaging workshop and as delivery driver in Schönstatt, Limburg and Klawsdorf (Rössel). He spent one year in the Australian mission, May 1929 to November 1930.


From 1959 he began writing a chronicle of the German Pallottine Province and a staff file index (Personalkartei).