Northern Territory Missions with German speakers

Name Abstract
Bathurst Island Mission 1911-1938-1978

Catholic mission strongly focused on Tiwi girls, guarded in dormitories until they married. Initially staffed by German speakers, later the staff included many different nationalities.

Daly River (1886-1899)

On the 'barbarous frontier' of the Daly River Austrian Jesuits conducted three missions on the Paraguayan model of Reductions, exercising intransigence and straining to suppress contact with Chinese, but were neither able nor willing to support their residents year-round.

Hermannsburg (Finke River) (1877-1982)
Port Keats Mission 1935-
Rapid Creek (1882-1891)

Jesuit mission in Darwin, representing the first Catholic institutional presence in the Northern Territory, relocated to the Daly River and considered 'a misery from start to finish'.