Chronology of mission societies

including Australian missions mentioned


(Green: German-speaking. Red: Christian. Blue: secular)
1698 Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
1701 Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
1705 Halle Mission (August Francke)
1722 Moravians congregate at Herrnhut around Zinzendorf (Unitas Fratrum)
1732 Zinzendorf sends missionaries to West Indies
1792 Particular Baptist Society for Propagating the Gospel (William Carey)
1793 Carey sends missionaries to India
1795 London Mission Society (LMS): state church members and dissenters.
        Sends missionaries to China, South East Asia, South Seas
1796 Scottish Missionary Society: Presbyterian
1799 Church Mission Society (CMS): Anglican, but its first missionaries are Lutheran
1799 Religiöse Traktatgesellschaft (RTS: society for religious tracts), London, Steinkopf participates 1802, leads to BFBS
1804 British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) London
1807-51 Jänicke Missionsschule (Berlin)
            Mission unter den Heiden (heathen mission) continued by Rückert until 1854
1815 Basler Missionsgesellschaft (pietist)
1817 CMS sets up training college at Salisbury Square, Fleet Street
1822-1825 The Parramatta School, Sydney
1824 Berliner Missionsgesellschaft
1825 Rheinische Missionsgesellschaft (Barmer Verein)
1825-1827 Wellington Valley mission, Blue Mountains
1826-1841 Lake Macquarie mission, Newcastle
1832-1843 Wellington Valley mission, Blue Mountains
1834-1838 Mt Eliza mission, Western Australia
1835-1847 Wybalenna mission, Tasmania
1836 Norddeutsche Missionsgesellschaft (Hamburg) (Harms was co-founder)
1836-1839 Yarra River mission, Victoria
1836 Gossner Mission, Berlin
1838-1850 Buntingdale mission, Victoria
1838-1848 Zion Hill mission, Brisbane
1838-1843 Aboriginal school, Adelaide
1840-1847, 1849-1852 Pt Lincoln mission, South Australia
1840-1848 EncounterBay mission, South Australia
1840-1854 Smithies Wesleyan school, Perth
1841 Neuendettelsauer Missionsgesellschaft (Nuernberg) (Wilhelm Loehe)
            1849 ‘Gesellschaft fuer Innere Mission im Sinne der Lutherischen Kirche’
            From 1875 sending to Australia and later to Brasil
1843-1846 Stradbroke Island mission, Queensland
(1846-) New Norcia mission, Moore River, Western Australia
1849 Hermannsburger Missionsgesellschaft (Ludwig Harms) (old-Lutheran)
1850-1856 Lake Boga mission, Victoria
1857 Wesleyan Mission Society (Methodist)
1866-1881 Bethesda mission, Queensland
1867-68 Somerset mission Queensland
1869-1879 Nerang Creek mission, Queensland
1869 Niesky training college at Herrnhut
1875-1883 Mackay plantation experiment (Bridgman)
1875 Steyler Missionsgesellschaft