Biographies A-B-C

Name Abstract
Bachmair, Thomas (1872-1918)

Superintendent of Beagle Bay from 1910 to 1913.Struggled against his superiors in Limburg to save the mission, and turned around its finances from heavy debts to credit. Initiated the building of the famous church at Beagle Bay and died weeks after its completion.

Beldermann, Hubert Br. (1904-1978)

Pallottine Brother at Beagle Bay,Tardun and Wandering Brook missions.

Betz, Dr. Johann and Ludwina Betz-Korte

Two medical missionaries associated with Beagle Bay from 1935 to 1937 as part of Bishop Raible’s plan to extend the Pallottine mission effort in the Kimberley.

Bischofs, Joseph Fr. (1878-1958)

In the Pallottine Kimberley missions from 1905 to 1920, first as superior of Beagle Bay and then as Parochus in Broome. Was classified as an enemy alien during World War I and later became Regional Superior in South Africa.

Bleischwitz, Alphonse (1910-1993)

Spent nineteen years at Balgo, five years as rector of Lombadina and ten years as parish priest in Wyndham. Witnessed the dismissal of the Pallottines from Aboriginal affairs and wrote an unpublished history of Balgo.

Bogisch, Rev. Hermann Paul (1845-1903)

Moravian missionary who spent 25 years at Ebenezer and prevented the mission from closing until his own death.

Bogner, Johann Matthias, Rev. (1860-1930)

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Bringmann, Matthias Br. (1874-1934)
Pallottine Brother at Beagle Bay from 1909 to 1912. Enjoyed composing poems as ‘bouquets’ and returned to Limburg due to illness.
Conrath, Fr. Joseph SJ (1853-1932)

Jesuit missionary and linguist in the Northern Territory from 1884 to 1899.

Contemprée, Stephan Br. (1898-1964)

 Pallottine Brother at Beagle Bay, Rockhole, Balgo, and Tardun, 1927-64.