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Pallottine Staff (Other)

German Pallottine mission staff for whom it was not possible to conduct original research were Fr. Vill, Fr. Girke, Fr. Härle, Fr. Kieffer, Fr. Wehrmaker, Fr. Christoph, Brothers Hanke, Wendling, Ratajski, Boettcher, Müller, Ochsenknecht, Halder, Brossman, Kröhn, Schreiber, Donhauser, Brossmann, Besenfelder, Birker, Engel, Gunther, the lay helper Liedel, and Bishop Jobst.

Pfalzer, Georg, Rev.

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Pingilina, Johannes

Johannes Pingilina, a Dieri speaker from Bethesda mission in South Australia was central to the outreach at Elim (Cape Bedford) and Bloomfield (later Wujal-Wujal). The missionary literature on Queensland pays little attention to native evangelists, and Pingilina has been all but erased from the memory of these two missions. Lay missionaries in general are poorly documented in the missionary archives, so that the information available about Johannes Pingilina is patchy. This account is pieced together from the correspondence extant in the Lutheran Archives in Adelaide, which however contains many gaps. It demonstrates how Pingilina felt isolated and was trying to be taken seriously as a member of the mission staff, but received barely an acknowledgement for his evangelising efforts. Only after World War II did native evangelists play an acknowledged role in Cape York missions.

Poland, Wilhelm Georg Friedrich (1866-1955)

Wilhelm Poland was a missionary at Cape Bedford for twenty years. Like its better-known missionary, Georg Schwarz, he was from Neuendettelsau, but he was an atypical graduate. His published personal memoirs are tight-lipped on the intensive personal dramas that must have played themselves out in the lives of the missionaries there.

Puertollano, Thomas (1869-1942)

Filipino member of the poly-ethnic Kimberley community who facilitated the Catholic expansion on Dampier Peninsula and features strongly in the Kimberley mission history. The founder of Lombadina mission.

Püsken, Benedikt, Fr. (1878-1955)

Spent 30 years in Pallottine mission, including at Lombadina (1925-29) and Beagle Bay (superintendent 1929-37).

Raible, Otto Ep.(1887-1966)
First Pallottine bishop in Australia, strategically expanded the Pallottine presence throughout the Kimberley, recruited professionals to combat leprosy, engage with indigenous languages and train aspirants in Melbourne.
Rechner, G. Julius, Rev. (1830-1900)

Julius Rechner was a most unusual man who came to South Australia at age 19 to spearhead the migration of his whole family. He was ordained without any theological training on the strength of his natural leadership qualities, commitment and faith - a true successor to the rebellious pastor Kavel who had led 500 Old Lutherans out of Silesia into South Australia in 1838. As president of the Immanuel Synod’s mission committee for 34 years, Rechner directed the fortunes of Kilallpaninna and Bloomfield missions.

Rensmann, Heinrich Fr. (1875-1904)

One of two Pallottine priests in the founding period of Beagle Bay mission, drowned in a creek in 1904, buried at Beagle Bay.

Reuther, Johann Georg, Rev. (1861-1914)

Missionary Georg Reuther was a tortured figure from very modest background, who dedicated his life to an ethnographic contribution to science in the same mould as his better schooled and better connected contemporary, the teacher's son Carl Strehlow. Previously untranslated correspondence in the Neuendettelsau mission archives show the struggle of this self-taught ethnologist who tried to decipher the life-worlds of the Dieri and surrounding peoples of the Coopers Creek area. Some of the Reuther material is still too hot to handle, and the South Australian Museum bought into Reuther's struggle with its acquisition of Reuther's material legacy.