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Kasparek, Matthias Br. (1871-1930)

Was in the Pallottine spearhead party to take over Beagle Bay mission from the Trappists in early 1901 and spent 29 uninterrupted years as tailor, book-keeper, carter and labourer. Buried at Beagle Bay cemetery.

Kempe, F. A. Hermann (1844-1928)

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Klose, Rev. Samuel Gottlieb (1802-1889)

Pastor Samuel Gottlieb Klose was in charge of the first school for Aboriginal children in South Australia, at Piltawodli on the banks of the Torrens River near Adelaide, from 1840 to 1845.* He demonstrated that Aboriginal people were capable of education, and his difficulties illustrate a clash of intentions between missionaries and governments.

(*In formal situations in Australia, Lutheran pastors use the title 'Rev.' (Reverend), following Anglican usage. Within the church, Lutheran tradition is followed and they are called 'Pastor', meaning 'shepherd' (Pfarrer in German). 'Pastor' can be used as a title or to refer to the office).

Krallmann, Heinrich Br. (1874–1951)


Spent 47 years in mission work at Beagle Bay, Tardun, Rockhole, and Lombadina, where Henry Well is named after him. He spent much time in the bush and was a ‘truly religious man with a deeply humble spirit’.
Kramer, Ernst Eugen (1889-1958)

A non-denominational Swiss-German itinerant missionary in Central and South Australia known for his camel train caravan mission 1913-1934.

Kramer, Rev. Wilhelm (1835-1891)

Moravian missionary at Kopperamanna (1866-1868), Ramahyuck (1865-1866, 1869-1876), Ebenezer (1876-1891).

Kristen, Fr. Adolf SJ (1866-1907)

Jesuit missionary in the Northern Territory from 1884 to 1894.

Kühn, Wilhelm Julius (1834-1913)

Pastor Kühn was destined for the Moravian Kopperamanna mission but instead conducted a Presbyterian mission at Yorke Peninsula.

Labonte, Albert, Br. (1875-1939)

Pallottine Brother at Beagle Bay from 1903 until the end of 1911, plagued by ill health.

Lang, John Dunmore (1799-1878)

John Dunmore Lang was instrumental in bringing the first German missionaries to Moreton Bay. He was one of the movers and shakers of colonial Australia, slightly controversial, and with an eye for opportunity and a great deal of conviction and energy. He was a Scottish preacher, politician and patriot, who fought a number of social justice battles in Australia.

Liebler, Oskar, Rev.

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Lümmen, John, Fr. SAC (1919-2014)

Pallottine Father at Tardun 1951-55, mission superior at Rossmoyne to 1980. Fr. Benedictus in Bran Nue Dae is loosely based on him.