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Marschner, Fr. Stephen SJ (1852-1910)

Jesuit missionary in the Northern Territory from 1889 to 1899.

Meissel, Gottlieb, Br.

One of the four Moravian missionaries at Kopperamanna (1866-1868).

Meyer, Carl August, Rev. (1838-1912)

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Meyer, Heinrich August Eduard, Rev. (1813-1862)

Rev. Eduard Meyer, from the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society in Dresden, Germany, was the first missionary to work among the Ngarrindjeri people of South Australia, working among the Ramindjeri of the Encounter Bay area. While his focus was on spiritual work, he started a school, encouraged the people to support themselves through farming and left valuable ethnographic and linguistic records that have informed the present-day revival of Ngarrindjeri language and culture.

Nekes, Hermann Fr. Prof. Dr. (1875-1948)

Expert on Bantu languages after seven years in Cameroon, professor at the orientalist seminary in Berlin for six years, taught comparative religion and linguistics at the Pallottine college in Limburg. Spent his last 13 years in Australia, including four years in Broome and was at the forefront of the emerging discipline of missiology with a prolific publication record.

Nissl, Franz Br. (1888-1980)

Pallottine Br. Frank, a farmer at Tardun appears to have deeply influenced the people around him and was the subject of a published biography.

Omasmeier, Anton (1905-1982)

One of the first three Pallottine seminarians arriving in 1935 to complete their education in Australia. Worked in at least 17 Australian locations including Tardun, Broome, and Beagle Bay and became target of a shooting in St. Kilda in 1951.