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Scherzinger, Albert Fr. (1887-1968)
Pallottine priest in Broome and Tardun (1925-44), first supervisor at Wandering (1944-46), parish priest at Derby (1946-48) and novice master at Kew (1948-62).
Schmidt, Karl Wilhelm Edward (-1864)

Schmidt was one of the original twelve candidates with whom Gossner set up his mission institute in Berlin in 1836, and was the clerical leader of the Gossner missionaries setting up Zion Hill mission in 1838, representing the first sending out of Gossner candidates. He became disillusioned with the prospects in New South Wales and became a missionary in Samoa, with a Samoan wife.

Schüngel, Josef Br. (1905-1992)

Pallottine farmer who helped to set up Tardun, Rockhole, and the Palottine college in Kew. Served at Tardun, Beagle Bay, Rockhole, Wandering , Kew, Strathfield and Millgrove, and retired in the motherhouse in Limburg.

Schürmann, Rev. Clamor Wilhelm (1815-1893)

Together with Christian Gottlob Teichelmann, the Lutheran Schürmann was the first missionary to work among the Aboriginal people of South Australia and to establish schools for Aboriginal people, working in the Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Encounter Bay areas. He left linguistic and ethnographic records of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains and the Barngarla/Parnkalla of Eyre Peninsula.

Schwarz, Georg Heinrich (1868-1959)

The Hessian farm boy Georg Schwarz became one of the most prominent missionaries in Queensland. During his 55 years at Cape Bedford Schwarz threatened several times to leave, keenly aware that his purpose was not always aligned with that of the government. Although naturalised he was interned during World War II and completely severed his links to Germany. He died in Cooktown at age 91 and was interred at Hope Vale, where he was known as Muni and is still remembered there with annual celebrations of Muni Day.

Siebert, Otto, Rev. (1871-1962)

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Sixt, August Br. (1868-1954)

One of the first Pallottine Brothers at Beagle Bay, was expelled but maintained close contact with the mission and conducted a market garden nearby, buried at Beagle Bay.

Snell, Joseph (1802-1862)

One of four Passionist Fathers in the first Catholic mission in Australia at Stradbroke Island, he was of Swiss origin, multilingual, and worked alongside three Italians. The internal politics of the Catholic Church and its difficult position in early colonial Australia ensured the failure of the mission. Snell remained in the Australian colonies until his death.

Spangenberg, August Fr. (1898-1965)

Spent ten years as Pallottine priest at Lombadina (1927-1937) overseeing a massive building programme.

Spieseke Rev. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1820-1877)

Moravian pioneer missionary at Lake Boga (1851-1856) and Ebenezer (1859 -1877).

Stähle, Rev. Johann Heinrich (1840-1915)

Missionary at the Moravian Ebenezer station (1872-1874) and at the CMS missions of Coranderrk (1874-1875) and Lake Condah (1875-1913).

Stracke, Bernhard, Br. (1907-1992)

Worked at Tardun Farm (1934-1941) and Beagle Bay (1931-34, 1941-ca. 1946). Rescinded his profession to the Pallottines and married an Aboriginal woman to settle in Broome.

Strehlow, Rev. Carl (1871-1922)

Lutheran missionary best known for his work on Aranda/Arrernte language and culture at Hermannsburg mission.

Strele, Fr. Anton (1825-1897)

Founder of the Austrian Jesuit missions in Darwin and Daly River, 1882-1892 and apostolic administrator of Port Victoria-Palmerston diocese, 1888-1892.

Stütting, Franz (1877-1962)

Worked as a Pallottine carpenter at Beagle Bay and the St. John of God convent in Broome from 1904 to 1909.

Täger, Andreas Friedrich Christian Br. (1811-1870)

Missionary in charge of the first Moravian mission attempt in Australia, at Lake Boga (1851-56).

Tautz, Josef Br. (1905-1985)

Pallottine carpenter at Tardun, Beagle Bay, Lombadina, La Grange and Balgo, trained many young Aboriginal carpenters and built the bush timber church at Lombadina.

Teichelmann, Christian Gottlob (1807-1888)

Christian Gottlob Teichelman and Clamor Wilhelm Schürmann from the Dresden Mission Society were the first missionaries in South Australia (1838-1846). Teichelmann's focus on engagement with adults, and his brief to lay the groundwork for the emergence of indigenous churches, placed him at odds with government and settlers. He became the foremost European authority on the Kaurna language of the Adelaide region and left important linguistic and ethnographic records now used for language reconstruction.

Traub, Theodor Fr. (1883-1947)

First Pallottine Father at Lombadina, but only stayed in the Kimberley for three years (1909-12) after barely surviving a cyclone.

Vogelsang, Hermann Heinrich (1832-1913)

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Vogelsang, Hermann, Jr. (1880-1940)

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Vogelsang, Theodor (1878-1955)

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