Missions G-H-I

Name Abstract
Garden Point, Melville Island 1940-1962

Set up as as part of the policy against the mixing of Asian and Aboriginal people, the nucleus of Garden Point were mixed-descent Tiwi children, but eventually children from other parts of the Northern Territory were also transferred there.

Goodenough Bay (1884-1886), Disaster Bay (1896- 1902), Cygnet Bay (1905-1910)

In the pearling belt on the east coast of Dampier peninsula the mission effort proceeded in stops and starts. The mission efforts along this coast were never German-run, but form part of the Kimberley mission history, with Fr. Duncan McNab at Goodenough Bay (1884-1886), the French Trappists at Disaster Bay (1890, 1896-1904) Fr. Nicholas Emo at Cygnet Bay (1905-1910), and the private ‘mission’ at Sunday Island (1899-1923). The Trappists used Disaster Bay as an outrigger station of Beagle Bay. All of these efforts grafted on to the Latino/Aboriginal communities along the coast including Thomas Puertollano.

Hermannsburg (Finke River) (1877-1982)