Missions J-K-L

Name Abstract


La Grange Mission (Bidyadanga) (1924-1985)

This became the first Pallottine mission with a strong role for lay missionaries and an emphasis on inculturation. Only a few German-speaking staff were at this mission. It is now known as Bidyadanga.

Lake Boga (1852-1856)

The first Moravian mission in Australia, facilitated by Charles La Trobe to coincide with the separation of Victoria from New South Wales, failed after La Trobe's departure due to lack of government support and was subsequently considered a stain on the reputation of the Moravian brethren.

Lake Condah (1867-1913)

A Victorian CMS mission staffed with a German speaker (1875-1913), associated with Framlingham and also a site of Aboriginal struggle.


Lombadina (1911-1975)

Before the German Pallottines took on Lombadina it had a ten-year history as a Filipino/Aboriginal community with a solid core of Bardi people. For many years it was an unfunded outrigger station to Beagle Bay.