Missions S-T-U-V

Name Abstract
Sunday Island Mission (1899-1962)

At the tip of the peninsula on Sunday Island (Iwanyi) Sydney Hadley and Harry Hunter conducted a trepang and pearling station relying on Aboriginal labour and indigenous knowledge of the reefs. They erected this into a private mission in 1899 and Hadley reported running a school with over 20 children. The Chief Protector began to look on this mission more favourably than on the German Catholic mission at Beagle Bay.

Tardun Farm (1931-1980)

The Pallottine St. Joseph’s farm at Tardun in the Geraldton vicariate was modelled on the successful New Norcia idea. It was not initially intended as an Aboriginal mission and only became one in 1948.

The Stradbroke Island Mission (1843-1847)


The first Catholic mission in Australia began and ended with miraculous events: it was heralded by an auspicious comet and ended with the mysterious disappearance of Fr. Raimondo Vaccari. Staffed by Passionists and directed by the Benedictine Archbishop in Sydney it was riven by internal disputes and starved of support. This mission is not connected to ‘Myora Mission’ (1892-1942) on Stradbroke Island.